Toronto’s MAD ONES know ‘What It Takes’

TORONTO’s TRASH POP, garage rock trio MAD ONES have released ‘What It Takes,’ their fifth studio album – via Fortune Stellar Records, The Orchard, and F.A.B. Distribution.

The long player contains ten tracks recorded with the band performing and singing live in the studio, the result? Some strange but familiar mashups of The Ramones and Hendrix, or CCR and Nirvana, or even The Replacements and The Kinks.

“We have experienced all the usual dumb stuff an underrated powerhouse of our stature should,” said frontman, Andrew DeVillers, “including slippery steel staircases that go all the way to the top, and being told we should have listed ‘no cats’ on our rider, but we’ve had the chance to tour with some of our favourite artists, had a lot  of fun making records, and feel pretty lucky we still get to do this at all.”

Much of the new material was crafted in Toronto, within the confines of an alley space off Queen St. West, however two tracks, ‘Drone,’ and ‘Mess,’ emerged from a weekend at The Tragically Hip’s ‘Bathouse Studio,’ just west of Kingston, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

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