SUSAN O’NEILL blasts modern marketing on new single, ‘Sign of the Times’

IRISH singer-songwriter SUSAN O’NEILL has just released ‘Sign of the Times’ in the lead-up to her upcoming solo album, ‘Now in a Minute,’ due late September. 

(Video edited by Christopher Luke)

“It sometimes feels that the world of media and marketing is too abrasive, it can be loud, confronting, false and unforgiving,” she said. “It doesn’t ring true to me, yet somehow, it works on me. I’m the fool that digests the need for material things. I’m the person feeling inadequate against the distorted image of perfection that is portrayed to us as everyday reality. So clever are the slogans, colours, and images combined to entice us into spending money we often don’t have on things we don’t need. 

“This song, ‘Sign of the Times’ is about that. I suppose I sing about ‘all the people’ because we are all targeted. It is in reality about my own awareness of how far I will or will not let this marketing beast play a role in my life.”

September’s album, ‘Now in a Minute,’ was recorded over the past 18 months between Clare and Cork, with Wexford brothers Cillian and Lorcan Byrne, while Killian Browne and Christian Best were also on producing duties.  


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