OUT NOW, from London’s finest exponent of musical vignettes, ‘POCKET LINT,’ the exquisite new compilation album, ‘A Grey Opaque.’

Mark Heffernan – the genius behind the name – integrates found sounds: for example, traffic noises, rain, and bells, into his guitar, piano and keyboard-based compositions with the results producing something quite blissfully out of this world.

“’A Grey Opaque’ is a compendium of my journey as a solo artist,” he said.

“It has the most recent recordings and the very first, ‘Stepney.’ That was my attempt to do for Stepney in East London, what Gershwin did for Manhattan.

“I wanted it to feel as if you were wandering through a dark old street at night with the rain falling. The song contains both rain and traffic noises recorded from the street. I wanted the atmosphere to be close. I have always liked the line, “The rain it stands at my side.”

“Songs from EP2 have an older, pre–Pocket Lint song, ‘Daydreams of Aidi,’ as well as the beginnings of my newer sort of sound on things like ‘Four Paths.’ I hope it is a nice summary of my work so far.”

POCKET LINT’s 2021 ‘Themes for Silcaville’ promo.

Limited to 50 copies – as is the charming booklet of lyrics and stories covering the featured songs – ‘A Grey Opaque’ is now available from Pocket Lint’s Bandcamp site.

I’ve purchased my copy; I suggest you follow suit. Today.

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DONEGAL’s electronic indie, alternative pop musician ANTHONY BYRNE is back with a new single, ‘Exhale,’ following on from previous release, ‘Chasing.’

Now based in Limerick, Byrne’s music has been gaining momentum since his journey began in 2018, graduating from LIT earlier that year with a degree in music technology and production.

Once his first single, ‘Red Footwear,’ was out there, he worked extensively on his sound producing a number of beautifully mastered productions.

‘Exhale’ is written about the trials of depression and the suffering people endure when inflicted with this illness. The song explores feelings of shame and guilt alongside a sense of being alone. Dealing with these conditions involves a great deal of self-actualisation and communication of abstract sensation which this track puts into music.

Inspired by artists such as Leonard Cohen, Deptford Goth, Sinead O’Connor, Ry X, Grimes, and Lorde, it’s obvious Byrne’s cultural range is something capable of creating incredible songs.

Connect with Anthony Byrne:

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OUT next week via Libertino Records, ‘Accü‘ announces new, ‘Follow The Ivy’ EP featuring lead track, ‘Maes Y Creigiau.’

‘Follow The Ivy’ is Accü at her most vulnerable, letting the music guide her to a place of healing from the outside world’s sharp, unruly edges. An instrumental and melodically rich song, it feels like a new start, a new chapter for this captivating and most magical of artists.

“’Follow The Ivy’ was birthed in the complete hiding and confinements of our collective modern times,” she said. “Grasping the vine, to swing and detach from this realm and to wander alone inside the inner forest, comfortingly with no destination in mind.”

Learn more here: Beast PR ???????? (@BeastPRUK) / Twitter


HAMPSHIRE’s CHARLIE SMITH has just completed a short tour to promote his latest single, ‘One Day Some Day.’

Also included is the ‘B side,’ ‘Eat it up’ which is only available via Bandcamp and CD.

The marketplace for singles like this is an overly crowded one with an overabundance released on a daily basis.

And therein lies the problem. How to stand out from the crowd.

Sadly for Smith, ‘One Day Some Day’ doesn’t. It’s laboured and trust me, the less said about the Nirvana type vocals, the better.

Judge for yourselves:

Connect with Charlie Smith: @CharlieSmithMusic | Linktree


From Twitter’s favourite brigands, PEPE & THE BANDITS a first EP, comprising of , ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Yayha,’ and ‘Tootey Flutey.’

Lead track ‘Beautiful’ sets the tone with its gentle, irresistible Afro-beat and subtle piano grooves while ‘Yayha’ may continue along the same vein, but somehow takes me back to Joe Strummer’s oft overlooked album, ‘Earthquake Weather.’

Finally, wrapping up this wondrously delightful hattrick of summer sounds, ‘Tootey Flutey’ offers something rather different with a vibe straight out of the bars of the Copacabana.

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NOTTINGHAM-based singer JJ LOVEGROVE will be appearing at Rough Trade Nottingham along with ‘Wilted Flower,’ and ‘Good Hustles,’ on Friday June 17th.

The evening will feature several new tracks JJ LOVEGROVE has been preparing for inclusion of her forthcoming album.

JJ LOVEGROVES ‘Things Only the Dark Knows’ was voted LondonPeaky’s single of 2021.

JJ Lovegrove (@judilovegrove) / Twitter


AS PARTICLES COLLIDE continue to set the benchmark for videos with their release of ‘Strap Me To The Sky,’ from the recent ‘The Crimson Black’ album.

As Particles Collide


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