(Photograph (c) Luis Perez Contreras)

DESPITE their roots and hearts belonging to the beautiful Mediterranean city of Valencia, Mr SANCHEZ were formed in London seven years ago by Dario Sanchez.

“I am the only ‘survivor’ from the London era, Coque Gonzalez (bass, synth, vocals) and Enrique Garcia (drums) are in the band now,” he said. “I was a secondary school teacher, Spanish and French, as well as being a musician. Altogether I lived in the UK for 12 years, in Birmingham, Sheffield, Derby and finally London where I recorded and toured with a couple of bands.”

Following their early London gigs, Mr Sanchez were placed first in Reverbnation’s ‘London Alternative’ music category.

And greater success soon followed with the release of the 2018 debut album, the wonderfully entitled, ‘Sort Out Your Shit, Mr Sanchez,’ which saw them claim first place in the ‘’Foios Little Fest’ bands competition.

(PLAN PERFECTO, from ‘Sort out your shit, Mr Sanchez’)

“One morning after a gig, I had left all my music gear on the sofa in a mess,” explains Sanchez.

“My partner put a written note saying, ‘Sort out your shit, Mr Sanchez.’ when she saw it. I thought it would be a great name for an album. It also represents the fact that it was a collection of songs that I wrote in different periods of my time – some really old – being a ‘messy’ album.”

With the album well received in Spain, the group returned there to begin work on the follow up, ‘Canciones de amor, vida y Muerte,’ (Songs of love, life, and death) a thematic trilogy of EPs inspired by the poem, ‘Llegó con tres heridas’ (‘He came with three wounds.’ The wounds of love, life and death) by the Spanish poet Miguel Hernandez.

The latest work was rightly considered a triumph and named one of the albums of the year by Spain’s influential indie magazine, ‘Mondo Sonoro.’

Once Covid restrictions had been lifted, Mr Sanchez returned to the live arena and shared the stage with The Sisters of Mercy, Rufus T. Firefly and Leon Benavente, before being nominated as 2022’s ‘Best Emerging Band’ by the Institut Valencià de Cultura.

The final EP, ‘Renacimiento I,’ was released in May 2023 as a first part of their third LP, which caught the attention of Radio 3 and The Waterboys, who chose them as the support band for their ‘Concerts de Vivers’ show in Valencia last month.

(PASADO Y PRESENTE from ‘Renacimiento 1’ EP)

“It’s the second time we’ve played there,” added Sanchez, “but this time we were supporting such a legendary band as The Waterboys. This was obviously an extra stress we had to deal with, but we managed to perform a good gig in the end.

“Playing at home is always a great experience, friends, family, and your very faithful, original following are always there. Also, ‘Concerts de Vivers’ is probably the most important music festival in the city of Valencia.”

Mr Sanchez are currently touring throughout Spain while also working on the second part of ‘Renacimiento,’ due for release in 2024.

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