IT’S been a quarter of a century in the making, but the debut album from STORM of CROWS has finally arrived.

The three-piece, Matt Kik, Jimmy Medway and Paul Coates – based in Sheffield and Stockport – originally played together in a band at the end of the 90s, but that particular adventure was over almost as quickly as it had begun.

“During the 2020 Covid lockdowns, I decided to record some of the band’s songs ‘properly,’ so bought some home studio gear,” explains Kik.

“Jimmy and Paul eventually got wind of this and expressed an interest in taking part, so that’s how ‘Storm of Crows’ was born.

“’Twenty-Five Years,’ our album is the result of a journey we started together in 1997, and with us releasing it in 2022, the name seemed apt, but we weren’t working on it that long. We began writing and recording around October 2020, though a couple of the songs are from when we were playing together the first time, ‘Summer Streets,’ ‘One Day,’ and ‘Your World’.

“We’re all big fans of rock music, and that was about as much as we decided when it came to having a theme for the album. Apart from that, we just agreed to write four songs each and release it whenever it was ready, though once we decided the name it encouraged us to get it finished with the end of the year looming!”

And rock the album certainly does – although a softer side is also showcased, ‘TIDES’ for example and ‘SUMMER STREET’ which evokes memories of dapper folkie rocker, Ian Anderson.

“Being an independent band, we don’t feel the pressure to keep releasing song after song,” adds Kik.

“We worked very hard on the album so following a short break over the Christmas period, we got back to making some new songs, but what format that will take, we’re not sure. Possibly an EP, maybe a single or two, eventually a second album, we just don’t know.

“But we’ll get there before another twenty-five years is up.”

Storm of Crows online:


Music | Storm of Crows (bandcamp.com)

PHOTOGRAPH (c) Rob Knight

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