IRISH indie band GOOD STRANGERS today release their EP, ‘Adult Teenage Novels,’ and leading the charge is the haunting single, ‘War In My Head,’ the track’s composition evolving from a contemplative Paul Simon-esque vibe to a resounding anthem with elements of ‘90s rock and folk, somewhat reminiscent of The Cranberries.

The song emerged as a powerful testament to the band’s commitment to authenticity and vulnerability. Penned amidst his own personal battles, and following the end of a significant relationship, Conor Quinn the main songwriter, crafted a song that delves into the struggles of balancing the demands of everyday life.

“I wrote ‘War In My Head’ while finalizing mixes for the EP,” he said. “It poured out quickly amidst the chaos of life and my struggle with mental health. 

“The songs on the EP are mostly about a breakup. I know it’s an overdone cliche, but I wanted to write about the end of a relationship from a personal perspective and document that experience in real time as it was happening to me through writing. Break ups are a universally shit thing that most of us as humans will have to go through at least once in our lives.

“I think the intense emotions felt through the end of a long-term relationship and losing someone you genuinely cared about, can very much be associated with the feelings associated with grief.

“Although the lyrics of the songs off the record are quite depressing and dark, we wanted the music to be an almost juxtaposition of that sadness. When we went to record the songs with producer Alex Borwick (Sam Fender, Lankum, Catfish and the Bottlemen) we were mindful of the fact we wanted to have a hopefulness and an uplifting energy to the music to counter the nostalgic feelings of grief and regrets that often come with the concept of a breakup album.”

Along with Quinn, GOOD STRANGERS comprises Niamh Kirby (vocals), Kevin Farrell (guitar), Luke Butt (bass) and Des Brodie (drums) with Adult Teenage Novels crafted in Black Mountain and Grouse Lodge Recording Studios in Rosemount, County Westmeath, Ireland.


(Photo (c) Andrea Cullen Photography)

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