GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS: Melody, intensity, insanity.

JOURNEYING into dark, twisted, Killing Joke ‘Banshee territories, London-based GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS have just released their third album, ‘Sublimation,’ via ‘Own It Music.

Recorded at Norfolk’s ‘Sick Room Studios’ by Owen Turner, the sessions marked the first time they had worked with an engineer from the recording process onwards. The retreat to rural Norfolk, and the isolation of their surroundings, clearly influencing this monstrous, yet beautiful, piece of music.

“We very much put a lot of importance on the geography and locations of the places we undertake projects,” said Jim Cubitt (guitar/keys).

“They seem to feed into the work itself. It was completely removed from any other distractions, and the studio was conducive to making music. It wasn’t a sterile environment, Owen really listened and made sure that the quality of the songs and the atmosphere and energy of the music transferred.”

Listening to the album is a claustrophobic, suffocating journey. Opener ‘Lights Out’ setting a suitably eerie vibe, before ‘Deceit,’ complete with David Barbarossa drum effects, joins the fray, ‘Semblance of Choice’ concluding a fiery, spellbinding beginning.

At times as melodic as they have ever been, with soaring vocals and keys melodies, GIS thankfully refuse to turn their backs on their trademark chaotic noise elements, particularly evident on ‘I Judge Myself,’ and ‘Corrupting Memories,’ those songs counterbalanced by intense, early goth influenced keyboard lines.

Standout track ‘I Was Never There’ cranks up both tension and atmosphere with ‘The Prefix’ ideally suited to a performance in a ruined cathedral, at midnight. During a thunderstorm. On the eve of the apocalypse.

With this album, lyrically and musically, GIS position themselves head and shoulders above their contemporaries, leading the fight against the masses of music’s mainstream banality. Is there anyone out there doing it better?


May 09         Manchester, The Castle Hotel
May 10         London, Moth Club
May 11         Bristol, The Lanes
June 06        Birmingham, Dark Horse
June 07        Newcastle, Zerox
June 08        Glasgow, The Hug and Pint

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(Photo (c) Bea Dewhurst)

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