COOKING up a plastic fantastic disco-punk sound from a collage of musical influences, Manchester four-piece THE RED STAINS embrace the kitsch and the tacky as a power to disrupt the male-dominated music industry.

And today sees the release of ‘FLUID,’ a bathroom-mirror shriek with heart-shattering honesty, holding a scalpel blade up to the gender binary and dissecting the feeling of being a genderfluid being in a binary world, Fluid is a brutal, beautifully disruptive glitch. 

High-speed drums, pulsing bass and screeching guitar form the backdrop to powerful, emotive lead vocals sung by Natalie Emslie on vocals, with Sterling Rose Kelly, vocals and bass, Grace Allport, guitar, and Robyn Elliott on drums. The single was recorded at 6dB Studios by Simon Ding Archer.

Their sharp and sarcastic lyrics hold a mirror up to domestic everyday life: consumerism, mental illness, public transport, discount supermarkets and being queer.

The band will follow up with the release of FLUID with a music video satirising transphobic journalism, 1970s infomercials and gender-reveal parties. 

Learn more here: The Red Stains | Instagram | Linktree

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