RELEASED today, ‘Bossa Never,’ the latest single from Southampton’s one-man recording project, Time. Space. Repeat.

The general vibe is one of blissed-out post rock and shoegaze with an optimistic leaning, along with layer upon layer of guitars, washed with synth pads, the occasional bell, zither, piano and much more.

Work began on album number four in 2023 after entering the Lights And Lines ‘Album Writing Club’ where over 50 musicians signed up to write and record an album each in just one month.

The resulting album, ‘Consequence,’ charted a descent from utopia into disaster. Lead single ‘Bossa Never,’ with its New Order influenced bass line, Mogwai guitars and catchy marimba hook, won the ‘Best Single – Public Vote’ category, charting 15% of all responses.

Written, recorded, and produced by Time. Space. Repeat. ‘Bossa Never’ was mastered by GRIM17.

Connect with Lights & Lines: Lights And Lines | About (headlightsandwhitelines.com)

Time. Space. Repeat. Time. Space. Repeat. – YouTube

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