MUSIC company BMG have announced plans to reissue American rockabilly supergroup HeadCat’s 2011 album ‘Walk The Walk…Talk The Talk’ on CD and vinyl, alongside the first CD release of the live ‘Dreamcatcher’ album, and the debut release on double-vinyl, CD and digital of the previously unheard, ‘Live In Berlin’ album.

HeadCat were an American rockabilly supergroup formed by vocalist/bassist Lemmy, drummer Slim Jim Phantom and guitarist Danny B. Harvey.

The band emerged after recording the Elvis Presley tribute album by Swing Cats, ‘A Special Tribute to Elvis,’ in July 1999.

After recordings were finished the trio remained in the studio with Lemmy picking up an acoustic guitar and playing some of his old favourites, songs by Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, and Eddie Cochran.

The other two musicians joined in, and the name of the band was created by combining the names Motörhead, The Stray Cats, and 13 Cats.

‘Walk The Walk… Talk the Talk’, the bands second album, features covers from Chuck Berry, The Eagles and The Beatles as well as band originals, ‘American Beat,’ and ‘The Eagle Flies on Friday’.

All recordings available from September 15th.

Pre-orders available HERE:

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